Photo: Anthony Hearsey

Photo: Anthony Hearsey

I'm Jen Seevinck, an electronic artist and researcher. I lecture in Interactive and Visual Design at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Right now I'm finishing a book on Emergence in Interactive Art, for Springer International Publishers due out 2016/17. Information about creative efforts are available at this site and my research outcomes, which accompany these works are also available through the eprints link below.

Jen Seevinck, PhD

email contact: jenseevinck (at) smArtnoise (dot) net



I started the smArtnoise website in 2003 when I was showing my first digital, interactive art work Sticky Traffic. At that time it reflected my growing interest in art and complexity, intelligence and interaction. Since then my interests have focused on emergence, perception and interaction design. This site documents some of these works and this thinking.