Proposal video for the Art Installation Dichroic Wade. Video and Photography Jen Seevinck, Video Production Peter Chan, Music Buukwerm Musik

Dichroic Wade (2016) is an interactive artwork by Jen Seevinck installed at The Works gallery in San Jose as part of a curated and juried show for the international premiere conference on ACM Computer Human Interaction CHI, where it won an award! An exhibition catalogue and a CHI proceedings publication accompany the installation. 

Dichroic Wade is the most recent outcome in the Light Works body of work (more below) and once again renders local weather data into concrete physical light. Dichroic Wade differs from predecessor Light Waves in sensing ranges of audience proximity (approach) to the work. Turbulence and shimmering can result from this combined visualisation. The artist gratefully acknowledges funding assistance from QUT and CHI, coding assistance from Lachlan Currie, video production by Peter Chan and sound by Buukwerm musik.