Ruby Corrents is an interactive art work-in-progress, as at June 2018.

Ruby Corrents is an interactive art work-in-progress by Jen Seevinck as a part of an Artist in Residency at the Coastal Impacts Unit Deagon, a scientific and technical facility for monitoring the coastal waters off Queensland. The competitive Artist in Residence Science Program (AIRS) is run through the Ecosciences Precinct at the Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science. 

Ruby Corrents continues the fascination with light on water (Dichroic Wade, Light Currents, Seevinck 2016, 2015) and draws on earlier explorations on interacting with sand (+-now, Seevinck 2008). In this tangible and Augmented Reality artwork, procedurally generated computer video moves in response to gestures in the sand, in real-time. Wave data collected by CIU buoys in near real-time further informs the simulation model that drives the graphics. This artistic visualization evokes the waters and waves that inspire it, as well as being based on actual wave data including significant wave height, wave peak period and direction. The artist gratefully acknowledges the efforts of scientists, engineers and technologists at CIU and at the Ecosciences Precinct.