Light Currents (2015)
Light Currents (2015)

Light Currents interactive art system by Jen Seevinck installed at Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre (BPH) 2015. This work came out of the 'Made from Light' artist residency project run by BPH and The Edge at the State Library of Queensland. It is a site specific installation whose concept responds to the Brisbane river outside the theatre, seeking to effect the visual experience of light on the water. This is through affecting movement of reflective, dichroic glass tiles by the changes in wind speed on the Brisbane river outside. Reflected light imagery is also informed by the movement of people inside the theatre - the tides of theatre goers from various performers. Light Currents is the first part of the Light Works series of work, which includes Light Waves and Dichroic Wade (2016).  Photography by Anthony Hearsey 2015.